” My Life has a Superb Cast; but I cant figure out the Plot”

C19 – A Consequential Experience

If u fall pray to this deadly virus ; do not panic find urself a quiet place, rest, laze, chill n enjoy the next 10 to 15 days towards puberty, a new life. A whole new world is there  waiting for you So they say 


Walked past a couple at the mall  today;the lady wearing a t-shirt that read “Minimalism”. This was printed on her chest of considerable size, that couldn’t go unnoticed; a t-shirt long enough to cover her hips, and her slacks were tucked deep down inside her shoes …  Minimalism😳😳 … 🤔

Past Life Regression

I woke up this morning and just like each of you, picked up my phone to check how many people on so many WhatsApp groups have wished me a “Good Morning”. These are people I don’t know; but a day wouldn’t start with the left foot front if I didn’t get their wishes; I rather…

Jockey or Nothing

👆🏼👆🏼Was watching television this afternoon and saw this feminine commercial amidst the movie breaks … ended with –

Chapter 10 – The Last Drive

The excitement to conclude the 10th chapter didn’t seem to kick in. Day began just as the way it used to the last few weeks. Not excited to start the journey, I finally packed my bags, disheartenedly, and was set to leave

Lateral Thinking

What if Berniee is only bringing back the ball because he thinks I like throwing it?🤔


Spending an evening at a bar called Incognito, I bumped into an old friend of mine from Up-North Just like old times, after a few drinks we got into an argument and he came back strongly saying “Tujhe Pata Nahi Mai Kaun Hoon” To which I instantly replied  “of course not, we are after all…

Root Cause Analysis

RCA, one of the most abused terminologies in the industry I work in. If one really ever sits back, relax and gives it a deeper thought, a realization makes you believe that this can help solve larger personal and professional problems

He Never Lies

In a conversation with a friend who has been e-dating this guy for the last few months, was planning a pre-honeymoon just to be sure if they were meant to be. What got her going was that he never lies!!!


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