Past Life Regression

I woke up this morning and just like each of you, picked up my phone to check how many people on so many WhatsApp groups have wished me a “Good Morning”. These are people I don’t ever know; but a day wouldn’t start on the right foot if I didn’t get their wishes; I might as well get up from the wrong side of the bed.

“Hello everyone…
A few of you have asked me what I do and many of you have over discussion shown interest in understanding more about Past lived and related areas. I am glad to share that in October I completed my course in Past Life Regression Therapy.”

Somebody there knew I had problems

I have no absolute idea of what I am doing in this life, where I am headed to or where I was; and this intellect is making money on past life regression. I would be able to …

  • Journey back in time to uncover lessons from previous life ( Nobody spoke about correcting them then; for the blunders I have committed in this life; I will have to be reborn as an Ass (donkey) in my next)
  • How to clean up and protect energy (Eat, Drink, Sleep; make merry; energy saved is weight gained 🥧🍨🍝)
  • Healing your connections with others (I thought Beer was discovered for that 🍻)
  • Connect with your higher self (I usually talk to myself; specially when I an in need of an expert’s advice😎)
  • To obtain wisdom that one can apply to their current lifetime

I learnt, I was a Pig last life. I ate a lot of shit and stopped my kids from eating good junky food that the rest of the world ate and enjoyed. I was a good parent!!!

I am a good human being now
I don’t eat SHIT !!!
I just take a lot of it

As a pig I lacked experiencing lessons of corporate life. I probably should be a better Ass, next life 😇

Until then…

My 2 Cents…

Instead of craving to find who you were,
Be proud of who you are;

You never know….

Someone there is looking at you,
Wishing, they were you

Gyani Baba Sir Phoddal

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