He Never Lies

In a conversation with a friend who has been e-dating this guy for the last few months, was planning a pre-honeymoon just to be sure if they were meant to be. What got her going was that he never lies!!!

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Like really!!!! I believe, Honesty is a myth, just like a happy marriage; or a perfect relationship or for that matter heaven is a better place than earth

With buffets of phobias this person on the other side of internet had, I suggested few places to visit; when all was done and decided, the plans were cancelled, again – because, this time, he was scared of height

And then, this man doesn’t lie,

  • he is scared of heights and he is okay to fly
  • he is scared of heights and yet sleeps on a bed 2 feet high
  • he is scared of heights and still needs an upper edge every conversation
  • he is scared of heights and holds, at work, the highest position
  • Voila!! And I assumed him to be the shortest guy around; he is a little over 6 feet and few inch tall and yet he is scared of heights

And then they say,

that he just doesn’t lie

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