Chapter 10 – The Last Drive

The excitement to conclude the 10th chapter didn’t seem to kick in. Day began just as the way it used to the last few weeks. Not excited to start the journey, I finally packed my bags, disheartenedly, and was set to leave

Don’t remember the last time I drove to Pune on a Monday morning. Monday today, tomorrow Tue, then W T F …. yet another chapter was over; The future was unknown; Nostalgia was on the wheel; in a split of a second, the last few years flashed in front of my eyes and it was all over today.

Every end to a chapter is a technical start to another“; someone spoke from within. I had never met this philosopher and neither did I think he belonged to the world I lived in. With a fear that I will receive the most unreasonably outrageous response, I asked “What chapter !!!”

This reality had become a part of my weekly routine which I had started to enjoy … just until now. This last drive seemed to be “The Longest Drive“; Of course, great weather, the monsoons were just stepping away, mountains were calling, train was singing it’s tune; Any shorter and it would have been insulting the beauty nature brought in; the only saving grace

All we can do is show you the path, walking on it is your problem” .

He spoke again, but this time, the “we” factor confused me even more. There were more than just one in there!!! There was silence … so deep, so long, and so dark, any thoughts could get lost in it. This philosopher in me was less of one but more of a problem describer. Why send me down the path that one is not known to?

While I put an end to yet another wonderful chapter in my career, Wisdom struck, I understood exactly what was being told.

Until next time… awaiting a start to then next and a wonderful chapter

Monsoons were over; Beaches were calling, Sky seems to clear but the Sea still remains a little rough

Gyani. Baba Sir Phoddal

** the inner voice is now Resting In Peace..


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