Date: 31st Aug 2019 – 2nd Sep 2019
Place: Naneghat, Maharashtra

When they said “Heaven is a place on earth”, I wasn’t aware we witness it so close to home.

Beating the traffic at thane, Kalyan and then Murbad; one reaches the bottom of the Malshej Ghat. Malshej Ghat is known for waterfalls one can enjoy during the monsoons. While it is not a good idea to explore this area on weekend, we decided to take a chance.

11 Hours later we reached Naneghat. There is only one resort at the top and it is strictly ok for living. Severs the purpose for a short visit. The owner of the resort was kind enough to lend us a guide who could walk us around and show places. The idea was to have a lazy weekend. The only good thing I see was that the cell phones did not work. 😀

Had dinner, and slept. Day 2 was very lazy; but the time we made up our mind to venture out and enjoy the surroundings, half the day was already over. We walked up to the Reverse water fall first and then to the caves. This was by far the most a human body could do on a lazy weekend.

The Walk into cloud #9

Naneghat Caves

And the Surroundings

Planning a Trip to Naneghat? Click here


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