BBQ’ed Fish in Green Sauce

Mouth watering barbecue fish in green sauce


  • One 2 Feet king fish / Seer Fish / Surmai
  • Whole Green Chilli
  • Ginger & Garlic
  • Cilantro / Coriander
  • Olive oil
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Salt & Pepper

Preparation of Green Chilli Paste

  • Grind Ginger, Garlic, Green chillies, Cilantro in a Grinder
  • Add a dash of Salt and Pepper for taste
  • Add Olive oil and a tinch of water to make this a fine paste

Preparing the King Fish

  • Clean the fish; mainly the gills and its intestines. These if not cleaned well leave behind a sour taste once cooked
  • Give angular slits on the both sides of the fish. These cuts should not be too deep that the bones expose out of the skin
  • Do not cut the head and the tail of the fish. When uncut these help in holding back the juice from the stuffing
  • Add Salt, Pepper & Turmeric powder over the fish and let it lay in the fridge for 30 min
  • Rinse the excess turmeric powder and salt of the body. Do not deep clean the fish
  • Once the water has drained of the fish, open the slits gently and stuff them with the chilli paste we prepared earlier

Preparing the Stuffing for the BBQ

  • Cut Circular slices of Lemon and Ginger just enough to fill the fish.
  • Gather few cloves of Garlic, Green Chillies and few Mint leaves.
  • Open the Fish from the lower side and stuff these items inside. When on the BBQ, these vegitables will cook and flavor the fish
  • I would throw in a few cloves of garlic and ginger over the fish before I wrap it up in an aluminium foil
  • The fish is ready for the grill now

Unlike poultry, the fish cooks pretty fast. Few minutes on the grill and it is ready for an eat. Best way to grill a fish is over coal; A fish cooked over a gas grill against the one on the coal tastes drastically different and better.

There is only one way to know if justice has been done to your cooking. Complements and good comments are usually “cooked” up …. but the leftovers do a lot of talking ….


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