Gokak Falls

Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha River in Belagavi district of Karnataka, India. The waterfall is six and a half kilometers away from Gokak town. Located right on the main road is a celebrated tourist center in the district. This falls has a height of about 170 feet.

Nothing can beat the gorgeous site of white waters gushing down rugged hills and bordering green forests. Gokak Falls is one such waterfalls situated around 60km away from Belgaum. Owing to its scenic beauty, roaring sound and unending flow of water, Gokak Falls becomes a celebrated tourist destination in the state of Karnataka

Why Visit Gokak Falls:

  • Hanging Bridge: Built across the river, 200 meters long, gives an elevated view of Gokak Falls.
  • Lord Mahalingeshwara Temple, built-in Chalukya style architecture.
  • Kemple Park botanical gardens
  • Yogi Kolla hiking: A popular trekking destination 3 kms from Gokak falls.
  • Mallaprabha Boating: Boating options in Markandeya river, 8 kms from Gokak Falls

Gokak is also know as a town where electricity was generated here for the first time in India in 1887. The generating station can be reached on the ropeway. Recommended only for the extra courageous! A walk down either bank of the rocky gorge rewards you with ancient Chalukyan monuments waiting to be explored..

With an exception of the width and color of the water, the general features of the fall, are much like those of ” Niagara”. The waterfall is horse shoe shaped at the crest, with a flood breadth of 177 m (580 ft). During rainy season the thick reddish brown water sweeps far over the brink of the cliff with a dull roar that can be heard from some distance.

Best time to Visit Jog Falls

There is no right time to visit the falls. Although the beauty of the falls reaches its zenith during monsoon between July and September, the landscape is equally beautiful in other months

Tourist Attractions

As it is true with the state of karnataka, Gokak is also a town of temples. a must visit is the Lord Mahalingeshwara Temple which built-in Chalukya style architecture. A short trek takes one down the rocky gorge which rewards the eyes with ancient unexplored Chalukyan monuments

10 kms from Gokak falls there is a village named Godachinamalki; a trek of 2 Kms from here takes you  to a beautiful Godachinamalki falls. As one treks to the spot where the stream flows in a slow rhythm until the first drop of about 70 feet, one comes across a long line of tiny falls that adds up to make the big jump. The main falls dips again a little further by another 50 feet before joining the Ghataprabha river.

How To Reach

Gokak Falls is 60 kms from Belagavi (Belgaum). Belagavi is the nearest airport and major railway station. Belagavi is well-connected by air, rail and road to rest of Karnataka.

  • By Air: The nearest airport is at Belagavi.
  • By Rail :You can take a train to Belagavi and hop a ride on the local taxi services to Gokak
  • By Road: You can reach Gokak Falls directly by availing of taxi services to the town of Gokak from Belagavi.

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