I Sea, I drove

We drove in search of serenity, from coast to coast, only find more;  Then unwillingly, we eventually returned to reality; to the rat race city which we call home 🙂 

The trip to explore the coast started in  the wee hours of the Independence Day. It was just about drizzling with a few mild showers along route. Roads were not in a condition to be driven merrily on. Nevertheless, 2 automobiles, few humans and an animal, all were out to have few good days ahead. Not too long on the road and we found a lovely spot near Kolad, where we pulled over and enjoyed the nature at its best

Next Stop on the first day was the Khokari Tombs. The Khokari (or Khokri) tombs are three 500-year-old massive stone tombs of the early rulers of the erstwhile Janjira State near Murud in the state Maharashtra. The largest is the tomb of Sidi Surul Khan, who was chief of Janjira State from 1707 to 1734. One of the two smaller tombs is that of Sidi Kasim, commonly known as Yakut Khan, who was in command of Janjira (1670 – 1677), of the Mugal fleet (1677 – 1696), and again of Janjira (1696–1707). The other small tomb is of his brother Khairiyat Khan, who was in command of Danda–Rajpuri (1670 – 1677) and of Janjira (1677–1696)

Khokari Tombs

Drove from here to the Agardanda Ferry point. The Ferry is supposed to drop us across the creek to Dighi Port

Agardanda to Dighi Ferry


Ladies onboard


A short ferry ride and we were enroute towards Nanvel Lighthouse.

Day one: Mumbai → Some place on Roha-Kolad Road → Khokari Tombs → Nanvel Lighthouse → Diveagar


Day 2 – Diveagar to Harnai


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