I Sea, I Drove (Diveagar to Harnai)

After spending some time on the beach early in the morning, we set our roads towards Harnai. This is one of the most popular Beach Town in Dapoli, it has a long flat beach with the Suvarnadurg fort looming in the horizons. Harnai is named after one of the greatest visionaries the nation has seen to date, the Harnai beach or the Maharshi Karve Beach, is a vast expanse of a sandy beach. 

Diveagar → Harihareshwar → Veshvi Bagmandla ferry → Bankot Fort → Karde → Harnai

There are quite a few road side spots along the coastal road to Harihareshwar.

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Given the amount of time we spent on the 40 min drive, we were running late and had to skip the Town of Harihareshwar. We straight drove to the Bagmandala Ferry point which took us to the Bankot; one of the reasons this place is known for is the Bankot Fort


Bankot Fort Himmatgad FortFort Victoria बाणकोट चा किल्ला / हिम्मतगड is a fort located 47 km from Dapoli, in Ratnagiri district, of Maharashtra. This fort is an important fort in Ratnagiri district. The Fort is located on a prominent and commanding point for guarding the trade route along the Savitri River, which runs till, Mahad which was a busy route in medieval times. It is a fort located on a hill near the sea.

First record evidence about this fort is found in the records of Greek Traveller Ptolemy in first century AD. It was then called as Mandargiri or Mandgor or Nanaguna. This fort was captured by the Portuguese from Mohammed Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1548. It was won by Kanhoji Angre in 1700 and named as Himmatgad. Due to rivalry between Tulaji Angre and Peshwas. Peshwas allied with British and waged a war with Tulaji. In 1755 this fort surrendered to Commodore James of British fleet after the fall of Suvarnadurg.[1] British forces captured the fort and named it as Fort Victoria



Day 3 – Harnai to Malgund

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