Smoking Mistake

It must be approximately 24 years 5 months 13 days and few 2 hours ago when this girl n I, sitting on the staircase of the college entrance; me smoking and she romantically enjoying my company; we were spending time together 😍😍

She said, if it is going to be us?, then you need to choose between me or the cigarette 🚬 … I don’t need to tell you what my decision was 🤗

Few days ago I was talking to her; same girl, my beloved wife today and I mention that I smoked a 🚬 after a very long time when I was out with few friends of mine

Her Immediate response was “I hope you realise your mistake” and I said “Yes😞

It been few days later, today, everything is as it should be; normal….it is still not very clear to me if she has realized what my real mistake was 😇🤓

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