It’s a daily routine for me to walk into my office cafeteria, stand across the counter and wonder…… what now.

The best option to select on the menu board should be “turn back, walk away and stay hungry”. Not finding this, I land up eating something that is round hot and tastes better with the liquid poured next to it

But today was different

No automatic alt text available.

What the !@#$ is “LIVE SNACK”. This was the first option on a notice that was posted on the wall and it mentioned a time; it more or less covered the entire day.

Less terrified but more worried I glanced up the menu board again. After about 10 minutes and few stressful thoughts I ordered “Half Chou Men”; and specifically mentioned “VEGITERIAN”, just to ensure I don’t get served with half a human and that I don’t literally get something in the plate that is moving around alive . quite possible

If I were in china, It would have been worth a try, but the place where I live….. Nahh

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