Malaysian Disappointment

What I forgot to mention was that I was on a trip to Malaysia few weeks back.
While on this trip, visiting customers, I met this Chinese counterpart, for business purpose.

Chinese are physically shorter people, and my observation is that  they never stop talking. 🙂 .in trains, in meetings, restrooms, airports everywhere

This lady was different, she was tall; and tall is actually under stating her height, she only spoke to the point and was very mature in discussion; obviously takes all those qualities to reach a respectable position in a company.

We had a good meeting and obviously wanting to take it  ahead I asked

“How  and when  is the best way to reach you”

She promptly replied

“Sex Sex Sex Free Sex Tonight”

I was like WOW;  😀   🙂   :p  and even before I could run my imaginations wild a male colleague jumped out of nowhere and translated

“What she means is


and call only during the Chinese working hours “

grrrrrr #%&&#&-


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