I Sea, I Drove (Harnai to Malgund)

Malgund is a beachfront small town few kms north of Ganpati Pule. While the serenity  the cleanliness and pristine nature of the beach can easily fool an human; its an extremely dangerous beach with strong undercurrents and whirlpools too

The trip started after a wonderful homemade breakfast at the Beachcroft homestay. we headed to the Harnai Fort – just not to find it there as the map suggested; when enquired with the locals; luck did not play in our favor. Off we moved to visit the Goa Fort located on the Northen shore of Harnai

The fort has got strong fortification all over. We entered through the main door or Maha Darwaza from the land side. There is another entrance from the sea, but it is closed to public as it is blocked by bricks.

Panoramic view of Goa Fort from the inside

The fort is  built in such a way that a portion of the fort is on land and the other is surrounded by sea. We climbed up the walls of the fort to get a good view of the fort, both from inside and outside. Not many structures within the fort. But the fort premises was green in color with a couple of buffaloes who posed for photos the moment they saw the camera phone in my hand.

Entrance to the Goa Fort


View of Suvarnadurg Fort from Goa Fort

Suvarnadurg Fort that is located on a small island in the Arabian Sea, near Harnai in Konkan, along the West Coast of India, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The fort also includes another land fort (small) called the Kanakadurga at the base of headland of Harnai port on the coast. Building of the fort is credited to Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire, in 1660. Subsequently, Shivaji, other Peshwas and the Angres further fortified the forts for defence purposes.

A Short drive from here takes you to the Kanakadurga Fort and the lighthouse. To protect Suvarnadurga, 3 forts named Goa fort, Kanakdurga and Fattegad were built on the coast near Harnai village in Maharashtra. Amongst these, Goa fort is comparatively large and is still in good shape. Kanakdurga is built on a huge rock.

There is a lighthouse on the fort. To the left side of the steps is a strong bastion built in black rock. The rock on which the fort is built has been carved out for the same.

Walkway on the Kanakadurga Fort to the Lighthouse
Kanakadurga lighthouse
On Top of the Kanakagurga Fort


Harnai to Dhabol is around 40 Kms. The drive by the coast just got even better when we crossed Karde and then to the Dabhol – Dhopave Ferry point


On the way to the Dhabol Jetty, we we stumbled on this place by chance – the “Parshuram Bhumi”. This place offers a majestic mountain’s view from the top hill top, and an edge of the sea-shore meeting the mountain’s on the left side.


The other main attraction of the place is the dome architecture that provides powerful echo sound of the OMMMmmmmm surround. Go inside the Dome, sit quietly take a deep breath, and chant OM loudly. … .. just feel the energy.

At a distance of 14 km from Guhagar and 90 km from Ganpatipule, Gopalgad is an ancient hill fort located at Anjanvel village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Anjanvel is a small village in Guhagar Taluka. The place is famous for dolphins, clean beach, typical konkani food, lighthouse, etc. There is a hill point called as Talkeshwar hill. The place is beautiful and the best part to visit is monsoon. As any hill station, Talkeshwar hill has an enchanting view

The Anjanvel Lighthouse, about 2 km from Anjanvel Fort, is a nice place to visit especially in the evening. Rebuilt in 1960s this light house is perched on a steep hillock. The Anjanvel Lighthouse is one of the primary attractions and one can climb up to the top by paying a nominal fee. Though not very tall (30 feet) the view from the top of the light house is magnificent. Just outside the lighthouse there is a small temple – Tolekeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva in the backdrop of the beautiful sea.

Anjanvel Lighthouse


Climbing up to the lamp


Dolphin Point
on the top


There is a small walk / trek to the Dolphin point that is very clearly visible from the lighthouse. Until now, this was the most amazing view of the and titanic ocean that we had seen. It is said that one can see dolphins from the top of the hill. The place is perfect for nature lovers.

Walk to the Dolphin Point
@ the Dolphin Point


the Anjanvel Lighthouse


The Lighthouse and the Temple from the Dolphin Point

I had been a long day by the time we left Anjanvel. The destination seemed far and we still had places we needed to visit. The Umamaheshwar Temple at the Hedavi beach is around 40 Kms from the Anjanvel Lighthouse. The roads grew smaller as we approached the village of Hedavi. With some local support we made it to the temple just before nightfall. A beautiful location, I must say; but ruined by the presence of an human. The place was littered with plastic bottles, paper and food trash etc…


Behind Uma-Maheshwara temple if you climb a small slope and reach plateau, you can witness a natural wonder. Here a small gorge, a meter broad and 10 meters long has been naturally formed. At high-tide, sea waves rush into this gorge and collide on rocks and a water column of about 15-20 meters rises from this gorge. Listening the thundering noise of waves colliding on rocks and get a sprinkle shower from the rising water column is an experience to cherish. Given the time we reached the temple we were not able to witness this beauty.

The Tawsal – Jaigad Ferry port was about 15km from here. The road was not so great and gave the experience of off-roading all the time. We had a race against time; the last ferry was due to leave at 915 PM and we had only one chance to error. the 830 PM Ferry was the ride we were trying to get on. It was about 815 that we finally made it to the Ferry port, only to be turned down and were not allowed on the boat. There was a dumper truck who has already let go of 3 ferries just so that the passenger cars go cross over the creak; this time he was not in the best of his moods 🙂

we were asked to wait for the last ferry to come by. it was dark, I could not see the man next to me; and we all were wondering how to spend the next 45 min just waiting for the ferry to return. Children were getting hungry and there was nothing around to eat except the food that was in the car and the kids were tired eating it. The ladies called the Beachfront Resort where we were booked for the next two days. At least this way the dinner was ready by the time we reached the resort.

At the Tawsal – Jaigad Ferry Point
At the Beachfront Resort
View of the majestic Malgund Ocean from the Resort
The Beachfront resort Cottages

Day 4 – Malgund and Surroundings

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