Winter Drive – The White Spiti Valley

A trip one should be on if you are looking for a high degree of adrenaline rush and a have a want to experience insane adventure.

Although the best time to visit Spiti valley is from May to the September, most of the enthusiasts are hitting the roads to venture into this cold desert in during the winters in the month of March / April. Winter in this area sets in early November /December and the snow starts to pour in. For a trip to be do e in winters it is very important for one to understand the limitations and scarcity of resources available; and prepare mentally n physically for a challenging adve tire for the next few days. In the end, it will be pennys worth spent and a trip too short

The Route

Narkanda – Rampur – Chitkul – Kalpa – Pangi – Pooh – Khab – Nako – Tabo – kaza – Mudh – Kaza – Kalpa – Narkanda

Trip Details

The only way to reach Spiti in the winter is by road from Shimla via the NH-22 highway through Kinnaur. Rohtang La and Kunzum La are both closed in the winters, making travel from Manali an unviable option. 

Day 1ThaneUdaipur750
Day 2UdaipurDelhi650
Day 3Delhi Narkanda410
Day 4NarkandaSangla or Chitkul160 / 180
Day 5Chitkul Nako150
Day 7Nako Kaza110
Day 8KazaMudh (Pin Valley)50
Day 10Kaza Kalpa200
Day 11KalpaShimla 220
Day 12ShimlaDelhi350
Day 13DelhiUdaipur650
Day 14UdaipurThane750

But before you travel into such a cold desert in winters, knowing a few essential things will help in better planning and enjoying the overall experience of such an adventure trip.

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Why visit Spiti Valley in winters?

A trip to Spiti in winters is beyond doubt for the adventurous ones who want to experience the adrenaline rush up their spine. Spiti at this time also presents an opportunity to cut off from the world and spend some time with yourself. The serenity of this location is bound to get to you. Extreme weather and bad roads present a perfect opportunity for anyone who has the slightest interest in experiencing adventure, off-roading; or wants to take back some atrociously amazing memories of snow caved mountains and valleys.

Challenges of visiting Spiti Valley in Winter
  • Bad conditions of the roads covered with snow & slush and water stream crossing
  • May come across Road closures
  • Availability of running hot water will
  • Temperature several degrees below zero
  • Fuel will freeze overnight if you were traveling in a Diesel run vehicle
  • No electricity
  • Getting adapted to living in Sub Zero Temperatures
  • Medical assistance will be difficult to get
  • Limited phone connectivity
  • Lahaul will be out of bounds

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