I Sea, I Drove – A Costal Heaven

The Maharashtra coastline is dotted with greenery and foliage that makes you feel connected to nature and calms your spirits; experiencing the unexplored and untouched beaches, temples adjoining the sea, ghats wherein one gets the amazing view of sea, bad & excellent roads, ferry crossings, bridges, etc. A thorough cocktail, It is!!

The southernmost point of MSH 4 is Tiracol / Terekhol is near Maharashtra / Goa Border. The Northernmost point of the coast is considered to be the Mandhwa Jetty near Alibaug. Continue reading “I Sea, I Drove – A Costal Heaven”

The Cliffhanger

The Kishtwar-Killar road, also known as The Cliffhanger, is a frighteningly high mountain trail in the eastern part of Kishtwar district of Jammu. With a length of 114 kms, the Kishtwar-Killar stretch is a really narrow, winding road that is said to be one of the most dangerous in the world. Continue reading “The Cliffhanger”

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