A New Beginning

Milind, Rohit and I got into serious discussions on finding a getaway from here. There were two possibilities

  1. Seeking help from Army to see if they have a mechanic who can help fix / identify a problem
  2. One car drives to Leh convinces a Mechanic to come by and fix the car. This meant, there was a possibility we may have to do this “Pang-Leh-Pang” trip multiple times in case the problem was not diagnosed properly

Either options were just suggesting me to plan at least 3-4 days stay at Pang. From what I remember it had taken us over 7 hours to travel from Pang to Leh not too long ago. While Rohit kept convincing me that he drove from Leh to Manali in 13 hours just a year ago, I would not agree…. so we decided to explore both the options

In search of Hope

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